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World Media Advocacy is in the process of launching a program targeting high school students in the third world focused on providing students with extra-curricular apprenticeships and materials related to web development, graphic design, photography, journalism, writing and editing.   


The goal is to promote self-advocacy and learning while also providing work force training.  Through this, we hope to create greater employment potential for students who may not otherwise have the opportunity to attend college or university.    


This is a great space to help not just financially but through direct action and connection with the local communities.

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World Media Advocacy exists due to your generous donations.
It is extremely important that we receive donations so that we can further our work in the Caribbean, Latin America and the Middle East to provide a voice for those who lack one and to capacitate them with their own tools to defend their own rights.

Join us in the fight against the violation of human rights and poverty around the world.

There are many different volunteer opportunities at World Media Advocacy:

  • Support our work with a one-time or monthly donation

  • Use your voice for change and help us end poverty worldwide

  • Help us spread the word

  • Join one of our special events

  • Volunteer your skills for 2 to 6 months at our international headquarters



To combat poverty and human rights violations through  deep journalistic investigation on the powers that threaten human rights, cause poverty or exploitation in poverty-stricken areas of the world.


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