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War on the disabled Disabilities and conflict-affected populations

Currently World Media Advocacy is working on a project that seeks to identify the conditions of disabled and injured crisis migrants and refugees in their forced transition to Europe.

The desired impact of this work is to enhance social awareness of these individuals’ circumstances and contribute to a broader discussion on how to alleviate their devastation.

In many instances, lack of training and ambiguity in defining disabilities may prevent aid workers from properly identifying the disabled.

This, in combination with infrastructural shortcomings potentially impedes individuals from acquiring the language, receiving medical assistance, reaching food distributions, or escaping the conflict.

As they continue the process of resettlement, refugees may experience physical, sexual, and psychological violence; as well as exploitation, discrimination, and isolation – which further prevents them from integrating into and contributing to society.

There needs to be a greater focus on the physical and mental healthcare needs of crisis migrants.

Of particular interest are Germany’s two cities that have accepted the most asylum-seekers – Berlin and Hamburg – as they struggle to accommodate the needs of an ever-growing migrant population.

This November 25, 2016 (tomorrow) I will be traveling to the Middle East and Europe to network with organizations that provide refugees with healthcare and counseling services.

Ultimately, this project has the power to influence the collective mindset on the challenges that are faced by disabled or injured crisis migrants and refugees, in order to generate discussion about how to improve their conditions.

My goals center on advocating for the protection of these individuals resettling in Germany while following the Muslim Diaspora as well as on creating impact on the community at UCSB in collaboration with Dr. Kelsey D. White from the Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies.

World Media Advocacy is a project intended to strategically combat poverty and human rights violations involving deep investigation and research of the issues and the powers that may threaten human rights, or cause poverty or exploitation in poverty-stricken areas of the world.

We are self funded, if you are interested in donating work or money to our cause please visit:

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